Amarone Red Wine

Italy is one of the countries that are famous for having manufacturers of red wines exported in different parts of the world. The reason behind it is that the country has a strategic location wherein most of the ingredients used for wine making grow and can be found only in the country. Being the producer of red wines, this paved way for Italy to develop varieties of red wines as well as white wines that would cater the needs of many wine drinkers. Italy is also the producer of the expensive wine, Amarone Red Wine.

Is Amarone red wine affordable?

Some are not familiar to this kind of wine knowing that this is very expensive and only those rich people can afford to buy this. Amarone Della Valpolicella is also known as Amarone. This is a red wine that is usually made out of grapes that are partially dried of Rondinella, Corvina and other varieties of grapes making it costs very expensive. This is a symbolic wine for Italy but sad to say that only few are appreciating it. The best Amarone red wine came from the grapes from vineyards in the hillside, wherein poor soils are responsible in order for vine roots to dig deeper for the source of water and other nutrients that are needed for its growth. Poor soils are also used for ensuring small berries to have a full flavor creating the best-tasting wine.

The uniqueness of Amarone red wine can be achieved using varieties of indigenous grapes and Corvino that plays an important role in order to provide backbone, acidity, body and structure. Its final mix includes Oseleta and Molinara, which give dimension and special flavor to wines. Most of the manufacturers of this red wine use rooms that controlled the humidity and temperature to process the wine and for the grapes to become safe from the attack of mold. The processes of drying ranges from three to four months in which it is dangerous for Amarone’s unique characteristics.

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After the process, Amarone red wine gives a balanced taste to the wine drinkers although it has enough alcohol content. Its ingredients give subtle background making its taste even better compared to other wines. This wine is not intended to drink on an everyday basis. This is for important and special occasions knowing that its cost ranges from $50 and up but is surely worthy.
Red wines also became societal symbol wherein only those people who have enough money can buy wines that they want. Red wines that came from Italy really invaded the wine industry knowing that there are varieties of wine in the market made from Italy. Amarone red wine offers a kind of wine making you experience an extra-ordinary feeling. This wine also worth its expensive price because once you drink it you would also feel the taste of what the greatest wine in town is. If you are planning to go to Italy but you do not have enough money, just drink wine made from this country and experience Italy through Amarone red wine.

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