Amarone Wine

Any wine lover will mostly react when Amarone wine is mentioned. Despite of numerous wines offered in the market, this one will surely leave you with great impression. It is considered as one of the symbolic wines of Italy, but sometimes this is misunderstood. There are even instances that this wine will not be appreciated. But then, you can’t conclude unless you yourself have tasted what it can offer you.

What is an Amarone wine?

This is a special type of wine that came from Italy. This wine is made from Molinara, Rondinella, and Corniva grapes. This grapes came from Northern Italy, specifically in the Veneto region. This wine usually is fresh, dry, and full bodied, which means there is a great amount of alcohol is in its content. The alcohol usually ranges from 15-16%. There is also a great flavor concentration and complex taste.

Many individuals might be mistakenly judged it because of the alcohol content. With that percentage of alcohol, you might really hesitate on drinking such. You may really find it too powerful to be served on your guest. But why not taste the newly released Amarone wine in the market? It may surprise you with its taste.

The grapes used and the process of making

The grapes used in the production of Amarone wines came from the hillside vineyards. The presence of the poor soil pushes the vine roots to have a deeper dig for the nutrients and water. Aside from that, it also ensures that berries will be concentrated, resulting on a much richer flavor.

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Amarone’s unique taste has also been achieved with the help of different indigenous grapes found in the region. The main grape that is responsible for its taste is the Corvino. It is responsible for the structure, backbone, acidity and body of the wine. The additional variety of grapes used will then add special flavor to the wine.

How Amarone wine is made

There are only two terms that really highlights in the process of Amarone wine production: selection and drying.

Selection plays a vital role in producing best wine. Grapes are carefully selected to assure a good quality of wine.

Drying, on the other hand, is a critical factor in the process. It takes three or four months of drying and this causes the unique character of the wine and helps in the concentration its taste.

The style of Amarone wine usually depends on the producer’s vineyard location, length of drying and temperature for fermentation. The maturation and barrel’s length also contributes to the final taste of the wine.

Amarone and its unique taste

Amarone has an intense, powerful and complex flavor. The intensity of the flavor and the high alcohol content make it well balanced aside from being heavy bodied. It has a rich flavor of blackberry, raspberry, with slight taste of chocolates and almonds.

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