Blue Nun Wine: your best brand of wine

To enjoy and satisfy you wine drinking experience, you need a trusted and respected brand of wine to drink. Because if you do, it will absolutely let your wine drinking experience an extraordinary one that you’ve never had before. Now, if you do want to have the best wine drinking experience for you, then it’s the perfect time for you to go and get the Blue Nun Wine varieties. With the variety of wines that this German Wine brand can offer, there’s no way for you not to find the perfect wine to match with your own taste.

With the Blue Nun Wine, you can choose among the following wines. Have them all to find the best taste that make your wine drinking experience more meaningful:

  • Rivaner Riesling. This wine from Blue Nun comes with additional improvement of its body and flavor. It is made from classic Rivaner & Riesling grapes as well more softness, depth and balance of fruit flavor. All these are combined just to give you more pleasure and enjoyment. This wine is perfect with chicken, light stews, Asian cuisine, fish dishes and vegetables.
  • 22K Gold edition. This is one of the high-quality Sparkler from Blue Nun with full and rounded flavor. It is elegant and light in style. One thing that really makes this wine distinctive from the other is because of its 22-carat (fine pieces) gold leaf containment designed in order to highlight the natural effervescence that it possess. This wine is a great accompaniment for hors d’oeuvres and light meals, perfect for celebrating special occasions, golden moments, and even just for fun.
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  • Delicate White. It is branded by its refreshing and light attributes. With this one, you can find an inviting mango and white peach aroma and a tropical trace as well. A full and refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed along with light foods or even only of its own.
  • Medium White. You can absolutely enjoy the fruity and fresh character of this Blue Nun Wine. It is a well-rounded and soft white wine having perfect blend of green apple aroma as well as delicious tropical fruits. Excellent with chicken, fish dishes, vegetables, light stews and Asian cuisines.
  • Spätlese. The Spätlese (Late harvest) is a wine that combines all the several white grapes types’ advantages in a single beverage. It possesses grape aroma and tender nutmeg paired with a fruity freshness to obtain harmonic finale. It is a classic type of wine with a lively acidity. It is best for chicken curries, spicy fish, Asian cuisines and seafood.
  • Sparkling white. A Refreshing and light wine perfect sparkling as an aperitif, special occasions and celebrations. It has seamless fruit characteristics and inviting mango and peach aroma with tropical fruit trace.
  • Delicate Rode. With the Refreshing and light characteristic of this Blue Nun Wine, you will sure to have its striking lychee, wild strawberry and raspberry aroma. With its zesty taste combined with hint of sweetness, it seems to be perfect as an aperitif.
  • Medium Rose. Enjoy its delicious raspberry and strawberry flavors that are perfect for chicken, Asian cuisines, fish dishes, light stew and vegetables.
  • Sparling Rose. Taste a sparkle in harmony that last long with seamless fruit characteristics & inviting lychee, wild strawberry and raspberry aroma. It’s refreshing and light characteristics make it perfect as aperitif, for special occasions and celebrations.
  • Medium Red. This Blue Nun Wine has harmonious, soft aroma & rich bouquet. It is well balanced & full bodied by soft tannins. This can be enjoyed at its best with pasta, barbecue, pizza, and red meat and excellent along with cheese.
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With those varieties of wine that you can choose from Blue Nun, you can have one of a kind wine experience.

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