Chianti Classico

For several years, wine has been used not only by wine buffs, but also by individuals who attends special occasions. Also, it can be a good partner when eating your favorite foods. Together with your family or friends, enjoy the dinner night or social gatherings while sharing small talk. Whether professionals or homeowners, wine has been their addiction because of its sweetness and bubbly.

Out of all the wines available in the market, finding the best one that will suit to your taste and budget is quite difficult. There are many reputable and reliable wine producers that offer great wines according to the needs of their customers. Most people want to experience a real delightful and refreshing taste of wine, that’s why Chianti Classico has variety of choices to provide.

Chianti classico motherland

Chianti Classico is widely known as the heartland of Chianti wine region, where its longest and traditional-established viticulture area. The Chianti Classico expression suggests the most genuine and oldest area in the region of Chianti. In fact, Chianti is a gigantic area within Tuscany and divided in seven sub-zones. Every one produces Chianti wine with a definite label and name.

In the wine-region, Chianti Classico is one of the best producer of appreciated and best-known wines in the world. What makes it unique to other wines is that, it includes a distinctive pink label seal with a black rooster. This kind of particular label was founded in 1924 as the symbol of Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. It is being used to promote, protect as well as prevent wine deception.

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Being a DOCG wine, Chianti Classico shows unique characteristics and peculiarities. It respects specific rules that make it safe to drink. Its mixture is eighty percent Sangiovese – a red grape typical in its area, and twenty percent for other grapes that are native grapes like Colorino and Canaiolo plus other international ranges such as Merlot and Sauvignon.

The peculiarities of Chianti Classico are:

  • Color: limpid ruby red
  • Aroma: floral notes
  • Flavor: sapid, dry and harmonious with a good tannin level
  • Minimum alcohol level: 12 degrees

Knowing Chianti Classico Wine

Chianti Classico wine is a red mixture from Tuscany, Italy and made with Sangiovese grapes. The flavors it includes are game, smoke, balsamic vinegar, bitter herbs and red fruits. The premium notes are dried oregano, sweet tobacco, espresso, dry salami, aged sweet balsamic and preserved sour cherries.

There are three levels of quality in Classico wine – Riserva, Gran Selezione and Annata. Riserva wines are only earned by people that have been aged 24 months before its commercial release. On the other hand, a wine is only qualified as Gran Selezione if it is made from a single estate or vineyard as well as have been aged for a complete 30 months. While Annata wines are basically Chianti Classico standard. All the Chianti Classico wine bottles are marked with the black cockerel logo of DOCG.

What Kinds of Food Can You Pair with Chianti Classico Wine?

Chianti contains savory flavors that are paired with coarse tannin and high acidity, making it an implausible with foods. The high acid cuts by richer blubbery dishes and stands up to tomato sauces. All that powdery and dry tannin makes the wine perfect with dishes that highlights rich bits of meat or uses olive oil. Another food pairing that you can try is the tomato-based pasta sauces that give fantastic taste. Count the pizza in, since it works with every Sangiovese styles from Chianti lighter wines to a richer Brunello di Montalcino. Still, there are other food pairings with Chianti wines that you should not miss to give a taste.

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Chianti Classico DOCGChianti Classico DOCG

All Classico bottle wines have a marked label on themselves, known as DOCG. It represents for Denominazione di origine controllata e Garantita, which means “identification of origin checked and guaranteed.” The DOCG branded wines are scrutinized and verified by the government-licensed inspectors before bottled.

In order to avoid future manipulation, the bottles of DOCG wines are sealed with a totaled government seal through the cork or cap. In that way, consumers will have a good guarantee that the bottle wine really indicates what it says about the label and especially it comes from a specified area.

The DOCG status of Chianti Classico was awarded in 1984. Since then, all wines should be approved by the tasting panels as well as many changes are made in the governing rules to the production of wine. Most significantly, harvests became lower and the utilization of approximately ten percent non-autochthonous grapes such as Merlot and Cabernet are allowed.

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Despite of the criticism some years ago, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is still among the top and best wines that people drinks around the world. It surpassed the quality level of Riserva and Annata – another best wines of Chianti Classico. The Gran Selezione is a fresh classification above Riserva. It is made with grapes that are harvested only from the own vineyards of winery and with advanced requirements for extract, aging and alcohol. That means, all estate-grown wines that ages at a minimum of 30 months and meet new smallest technical standards can be wholesaled as Chianti Classico Gran Selezione.

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For some winemakers and wine enthusiasts, Gran Selezione is their top choice. Some of its bottles came from a single vineyards, whereas large producers blend from vineyards in dissimilar villages. Other Gran Selezione wines are made from the ripest grapes that are smashed with a lot of fresh oak. When it comes to taste, this wine varies from tight and bright to big and concentrated Brunello wannabes. Richer Gran Selezione can also be best matched with grilled and thick steaks. Now, this wine has been presented to the world and received great compliments.

Chianti is popularly known for producing the best wines that people enjoy pairing with their meals. You will not only assure that their wines are great and irreplaceable, but contains specific label to ensure its safety and also its consumers. Most people have tried and proven that you will never forget Chianti Classico wine when you taste it. Now is your turn to taste and prove it!

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