Chianti Red Wine

Everyone loves Chianti red wine, right? But what exactly Chianti is? Why are there many people who like and love to order this drink together with their dinner? To begin with, Chianti originated in the central of Tuscany, the region where in the growing of Sangiovese grapes started. Typically, this red wine is made from a large amount of Sangiovese, a red grape grown very well in the region of Chianti Classico. This is being mixed with red and white grapes that are also grown locally in the region. In addition, it is also very possible for a Chianti wine to be mixed and made from one hundred percent of Sangiovese grape.

History of Chianti red wine

For over many years, the symbol of Italian wines is the straw covered flask. The Laborel Melini think and came up with the good idea of producing and shipping wine in these straw covered flasks. Chianti red wine has been the symbol of central Tuscany for many years and also for Italian bottle wine around the world. Those covered straw flasks which have been remembered for arranging and decorating Italian restaurants with white and red checkered tablecloths came to represent and symbolize the country of Italy as one of the producer of inexpensive wine.

For the past twenty to thirty years, Chianti red wine producers have done their best and worked very hard to dismiss this myth ,and this effort most aggressively started in the District of Chianti, this the identity of Italian wine. The revolution of quality wine has brought great success to the region, and this success is the reason why this wine is rank as one of the greatest wines in the world. Indeed, some of the best wines from the region of Chianti are also considered as world class red wine.

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Today, this wine has many uses in which many people love to add as flavours on their foods. This information above is the reason why Chianti red wine becomes popular throughout the world.

Uses of Chianti Wine – Chianti Wine as food Pairing

This wine has savory flavors paired with coarse tannin and high acidity which make this wine incredible for food. The good aroma of this wine is the reason why this is very ideal to use in every dish in the dinner. Aside from it is the best drinking ever, people love to use as food flavor.

Chianti is red wine with bold and strong drinking standard. The typical flavors of this wine include coffee, vanilla, tobacco, almonds, spice, strawberry, plum and cherry. This is the wine that appeals more to new drinkers of wine. If you are one of those people who love to drink wine, then this wine is the drink that won’t disappoint you. The high levels of flavors of this wine make it one of the bets beverages out there.

Today, Chianti wine is one of the favorite drinks you can see everywhere. There are many people who find it as their best wine ever. Try it for yourself!

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