Choose the Healthiest Red Wine

Red wine can be a healthy beverage that can supply every human with many benefits that can possibly flatter you. How can we know the healthiest red wine in town? Let’s describe first the benefits of the red wines in order to identify the best wine in town. How can we know what is the best and healthiest wine? First, be meticulous about its color. Commonly, we have white, rose and blend which are rose. Among these three colors, the red is the healthiest since it is the common color of wine. There are three important nutrients found in the skin of grape; they are the resveratrol, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins. These three prevents our body from various illnesses like it helps kill the cancer cells, they also lower our blood pressure and our cholesterol. Every day intake of red wine might reduce risk from lung cancer, liver disease, because of its non-alcoholic attributes.

Healthiest red wine list

A manufacturer of famous wine conducted this study. The healthiest red wine may be one of the following:

  • The Pinot Noirs – This wine has become the wine that has the highest amount of procyanidins antioxidant, which we all know one of the basic nutrients in grapes. This wine is made up from black grape and has the plentiful content of resveratrol so far.
  • Madiran, Cabernets and Merlots – Red grapes are the main element of Madiran and Cabernets while Merlots is made up of dark-blue grapes. They have procyanidins antioxidant element that helps prevent heart disease. The Madiran Wine for Procyanidin provides benefits for cardiovascular as it slows down blood clots, and really relaxes your blood vessels. Researchers have found that Madiran wines from Southern France have to be the highest procyanidin because they are made from Tannat grapes. One professor from New York State of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell named Leroy Creasy, calculated the value of resveratrol in wines for about 15 years. He concluded that the wines from New York have the record for highest concentration of resveratrol.
  • French Italian Reds – They ranked three for the healthiest red wine of Italy, France and Sardinia has produced the highest level of cardioprotective compound. Their wines also has vasoactive compounds tightens and widened blood vessels, which can affect our heart rate and blood pressure.
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But scientist believed in Yale New-Haven hospital that there are three processes on how red wine can protect your heart: you can have a good cholesterol level by chance, boost your HDL, and it helps lower your blood clotting.

Which is the healthiest red wine among all these wines? All you have to remember is anything that is too much is dangerous to your health. Remember that you’re drinking wine not just to satisfy yourself and make pleasure out of it but of course you’re drinking it because it is good for your heart. Don’t just depend in drinking wine; remember that there is enough intake of wine per serving every day. Though you have chosen the healthiest red wine, it is still important that you still know your limitations.

How to choose healthiest red wine?

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