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Wines are beverages which is always present during parties and any event. This makes certain party or even more interesting and fun. There are already lots of wines offered today in the market but are you sure that it can provide you the satisfaction that you are looking for? If not, it is already time for you to switch on another wine, the Riesling Wine. Riesling is known as one of those noble varieties of grapes and this can be used to produce varieties of extraordinary white wine styles. Riesling also became popular because of the sweeter-style German wine that it produces.

Riesling wines are filled with peach, apricot fruit and honey flavours as well as the alluring floral bouquets. The much-touted wine variety has been produced in Alsace and it is offering similar fruit flavours and aromas however this has been in drier style and soon became popular due to its perfect taste when paired to food. Washington State is also producing high-quality Riesling wherein most of these wines have been made in a sweeter style. This is also a great alternative for White Zinfandel.

One of the amazing things about Riesling wine is that, this is truly pleasing. Whether it is your first time to drink wine, you will surely find its great depth as well as its contradictory facets, which will surely fascinate all wine aficionados. This wine is intense and delicate, juicy and crisp, minerally and floral, complex and refreshing, dense and transparent. This is a type of wine that has unique character and vibrant personality.

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The Riesling Taste

The process of tasting Riesling begins with your nose. Riesling belongs to the most aromatic varieties of grape all over the world. It contains primary fruit aromas like apricot, nectarine, pear and honey-crisp apple. Besides just being fruit, drinkers will often smell things such as honeycomb or chemical aroma like gas/petrol. Whether you believe or not, it is the smell of wine wherein most wine enthusiasts goes crazy with. This type of wine is highly rich in acid similar with the level of tart fruit juice such as lemonade.

Life Span

Riesling wines should be consumed when young, if they make aromatic and fruity wine that may contain aromas of green and other apples, gooseberry, grapefruit, rose bloom, peach, cut green grass, honey and crisp taste because of its high acidity. On the other hand, its naturally higher acidity as well as wider range of flavours makes the wine appropriate for an extended aging.


Due to the popularity gained by this type of wine, several Riesling wine brands have been developed and introduced to the wine industry. These brands of wines have really got the taste of wine, enthusiast loves. Some of the Riesling wine brands are as follows:

  • 3 Brooms” Riesling 2008 – This is a single vineyard wine which has been produced in Muritai – the vineyard of Barker family in Marlborough. The rich citrus aromas of this wine truly complement spicy flavours of apricot and mandarin. This off-dry wine contains pleasant and refreshing acidity which leads into soft earth notes until the end.
  • Cave Spring Estate Bottled Riesling 2012 – this wine has been made through the oldest and lowest-yielding vines. Such vines are scattered across 7 individual blocks and their age ranges from 9-39 years. This type of wine had underwent cool-temperature fermentation for more than 3 weeks inside stainless steel tanks and it makes use of chose yeasts that contributes in enhancing complexity.
  • Kung Fu Girl” Riesling 2014 – On your nose, this “kung Fu Girl” will burst with Asian pear, spring flowers and white peach. Pear, lime, apricot and pleasant minerality keeps the off-dry wine at its perfect level of subtle sweetness. Kung Fu Girl is definitely a great wine for summer picnic.
  • Salmon Run” Riesling 2013 – this Riesling wine blue bottle shows excellent bright flavours and acidity of honeysuckle, apple and pear. You can enjoy chilled before taking a meal or you can pair it with fish and poultry.
  • Hogue Late Harvest White Riesling 2013 – This ripe and luscious wine contains apricot flavours and honeyed peach as well as pleasant and pronounced sweetness. You can serve this together with almond biscotti, shortbread cookies and poached fruit.
  • Domaine Joseph Cattin Riesling 2011 – this wine displays a truly elegant floral nose whilst the dry and crisp palate provides citrus and white peach fruit, backed by strong mineral note.
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Riesling Wine Food PairingRiesling Wine Food Pairing

Riesling has incredible diversity – sweet, dry, medium-sweet, medium-dry, stony, very sweet, waxy, fruity, oily, minerally, floral, full-bodied and forceful, light and delicate – this only means that it is very possible to find Riesling suitable for every palate, every occasion and every dish. The purity of Riesling truly shines here and that is because of its capacity to enable the wine to improve food flavours rather than compete with them or cover them up. In today’s lighter and healthier cooking which features fresh and local ingredients, this truly happens. Lighter Riesling with a taste of sweetness and lower alcohol cools palate and it taste really good when matched with Asian cuisine’s light texture of spicy. The crisp acidity of Riesling can clean and refresh palate while intensifying food flavours, making it even more ideal for heavier, classic dishes together with cream and butter. Riesling can be paired with meat, herbs and spices, cheese, vegetable and vegetable fare.

Calorie Alert

After a very long and tiring week, you will surely find yourself drinking Riesling to feel relaxed however if you are concerned about your weight, you will surely find time to take a look first on the amount of calories that Riesling contains. If you know the amount of Riesling wine calories of every bottle or even a wine in a standard glass, you will be able to control yourself from drinking too much for the sake of your weight and body.

Riesling wine can be your best partner most especially if you want to feel relaxed, you want your food to have another great flavour or you simply want your friends to taste the sweetness of this wine.

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