Grenache Red Wine: Best Wine Ever

Do you know that Grenache red wine is one of the most expensive and delicious wines around the world? This is the wine that is widely chosen of many people because of its intriguing color and flavoursome variety. In this article you will know other important information about this wine and why this wine is very popular drink in the world.

Grenache is a red wine grape that is grown extensively in United States, Australia, Spain and France. This grape is particularly versatile on both winery and vineyard which explains why this grape is one of the most widely distributed and planted grapes in the world.

The term Grenache is the French name for grape, but actually this term has several synonyms. For instance, in Spain, where it is widely produced and planted, this grape is referred to as Garnacha, and on Sardinia Island, it is best known as Cannonau. Some people believe that this grape has been first planted and originated in the island of Sardinia, and later on this was taken back to Spain by some Aragonese, who has occupied the Sardinia Island in the fourteen century.

What Does Grenache red wine taste like?

The cinnamon and unmistakable fruit roll up is what the grape away to expert tasters. This wine has a medium weight in its taste, but it has semi-transulcent and deceptively lighter colors, depending from the area and country it is planted and grown. Most often, Grenache red wine has lets off strong aroma or red grapefruit and orange rinds. When this grape is grown in old regions of the country such as in Sardinia Island, this grape will have herbal notes of fresh and dried tobacco and oregano.

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Three Several Tasting of Grenache red wines

American Grenache red wine is both aromatic and fruit forward with crisp acidity. Instead of having herbal aromas, this American version of Grenache wine is smellier like flowers and licorice. Most often, US Grenache is blended with Syrah touch to add some smooth and tannin out of its flavor.

Spanish Grenache wine. The Catalyud is a hot region in Spain where in the late ripening of Grenache grape gets a high level of sugar. The grape ripe is usually added to the levels of alcohol, which combine both spice and body. Grenache wine in this region often smells ruby grape fruit with licorice and cherry flavor.

These are some of the tasting of Grenache wine is some countries and how they make this wine more delicious to drink.

Grenache Food Pairing

The taste and main flavour of Grenache is one of the reasons why there are many people in the world who pair this wine to herb and spiced foods including vegetables, meats and other ethnic foods that this wine is perfect to complement. The high alcohol of Grenache is best to reduce the hot taste of spicy food.

So the next time that you want to drink delicious wine, choose Grenache red wine for its intriguing color and flavoursome variety.

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