How many calories one glass of red wine possess?

People usually prefer to drink red as well as white wine due to their tremendous health benefits and studies prove that red wine is really very good for treatment of heart diseases and for fat reduction. One glass of red wine possess approximately 100 calories which are beneficial for treating many diseases but if you take more, surely it will harm your lungs with its alcoholic content.

Have you ever wondered about amount of calories that one glass of red wine possess?

Calories in glass of red wine pays good results till the time you keep your routine controlled because a moderate intake may prevent heart diseases by giving a boost to good cholesterol level in body and also helps to protect artery from damages. In a glass of red wine that contains 4.2 ounce volume, amount of calories is up to 80 whereas carbs ranges to 1.5 gram. It is important to note that this glass of red wine do not possess any protein and fat so medical science says that a definite amount of caloric intake in form of red wine can contribute to fat loss. On the one side where one glass of wine a day can add many health benefits to your life by regulating your cholesterol level and boosting fat burning process in body, if you consume more than that it will surely show adverse effects on your health. It is important to know positive as well as negative sides of alcoholic content that you take in form of red wine. If you are prone to some diseases like migraine, bipolar syndrome, depression and schizophrenia etc. then red wine is not for you. One thing is important to note that red wine causes sensitivity in teeth so you must avoid brushing them exactly after drinking.

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If you are habitual of drinking red wine every night to get out of exertion but also worried about caloric intake ( then information describing amount of calories in specific type of red wine will be helpful for you so that you can balance your type. Generally there are twelve different types of red wine and each of them possess variable amount of calories per glass or per bottle. If you are gamay drinker then you are taking 115 calories per glass intake whereas Riesling possesses 118 calories per glass. For sauvignon Blanc this amount ranges up to 119 and in case of Pinot Noir you will consume 121 calories per glass. Pinot Grigio, syrah and claret possess 122 calories but for red zinfandel, this amount raises up to 129. Although it represents small variations in each type but if you are conscious about your weight and heart, surely you have to pay attention even for a single level increase.

“Excess of everything is bad”; this is a common saying and applies for this context too. Everyone knows that excessive wine is not good for health but if you have to treat some diseases which recommend red wine then also you have to maintain some limits over it.

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