Inniskillin Ice Wine

With several brands of wine out in the market, you can really find the one that will suit your taste and preference of wine. Drinking wine is a trend today that is very inviting. In every gathering, it is not surprising if you would see wines are being served because it is already considered as a healthy drink.

One of the best known brand of wine today is Inniskillin wines. It is an award-winning table wines that are created by broad-minded, artisanal winemakers. Inniskillin is a pioneer company in the production of icewines. For many years, it has become the top winery in Canada. Actually, they have won many awards in the international wine competitions that made them more famous in the industry. The winery has perfected the process of harvesting and making of wines. Their recognition as the leading winemakers is worth praising. The trust that people have given them is priceless which is why until now, they are committed in producing high quality wines from premium grapes for them.

Whati is Inniskillin Vidal wine?

Wine Vidal is one of the best-selling wine of Inniskillin. The formulation of this red wine is from a hybrid of Ugni Blanc and Seibel that best harvested during late season because of its thick skin. In Ontario, this grape hybrid is considered the most grown for Icewine. Its natural acidity is a big factor in the sweetness of its taste with the combination of mango and lychee flavor. Inniskillin wine Vidal is formulated from two different styles: with oak aging for additional density and without oak aging for fresh fruit accent. This would create a perfect dessert wine for an after dinner table. This would be great for family gatherings and casual parties.

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Taste of Inniskillin Ice Wine

Another pride of Inniskillin is Icewine Reisling.Another pride of Inniskillin is Icewine Reisling. It is made from the classic vinifera grape that has a tropical and citrus aroma of lemon and lime flavours. The high acidity content of this wine leaves a smooth and refreshing mouth feel from a variety of flavours that soothes. Because of its rich and concentrated taste, it is highly sought-after by many wine drinkers worldwide. Inniskillin Icewine Reisling has a distinguished taste that would urge to purchase for more. Unlike other icewines that lack tart taste, this one is has a twist while giving a refreshing taste and fruity aroma.

During winter season is the harvest time of Inniskillin Icewine. It is when the grapes are naturally frozen on the vine in approximately -8C. The grapes are left in the vine until they ripen, then it will be harvested and fermented. This time of harvesting is what makes their Icewine standout from the rest. The taste is not heavy compared to most table wines since it consists of 9 to 11.5% alcohol. Because of its low alcohol content, it makes it an easy drinking of all icewines.

There are millions of wine drinkers all around the world that have varied choices of wine. With this fact, we can say that finding for the best tasting wine is hard but you can try Inniskillin ice wine for your standard wine.

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