Is Red Wine Fattening?

Most people sometimes are more confused to know — is red wine fattening? There are studies that would answers are query. But here is the fact: we all know that all beverages have its own calories, and whether you eat or you drink you will gain more calories if you can’t consume it. To lessen this kind of outcome, you will need to choose alcoholic beverages that have a dense amount of calories and make sure to counteract them by eating and green and leafy foods or little snacks will do.

Fact: All wine has comparatively at least 80 to 110 calories per serving but it depends on the type of wine you are drinking but typically they have at least few calories. According to study, the least fattening wine is the white wine and the next are the red wines and followed by other sweet wines. Is red wine fattening? Yes, wine is really fattening though there is no fat in red wine but they have certain calories that has absolutely contributes to our daily calorie ingestion. You can find those calories inside the sugar and the alcohol in the wine itself.

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But of course it will depend on how many intake you will consume on drinking red wines. As for the study suggests, women needs for about 2000 calories while men needs for about 2500 calories a day. A large glass of red wine let us say for about 175ml, it has 120 calories. So, is red wine fattening? Let us say you have a glass of red wine in a day and you actually have eaten other foods with a high content of calories and fats, how much is the total intake now of your calories?

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Now don’t wait for the time and ask yourself: is red wine fattening? You should reconsider to take some moderation in drinking red wines. It is just for safety reasons. You can lessen your calories if you watch your calorie content. A wine having a higher level of alcohol content has the greater amount of calories. There is nothing wrong if you become meticulous about something. By being aware and mindful of your calorie intake, you can have small chances to get fat. And the best tip that I can give to you, even if you are drinking more wine, you can’t be fat if you just maintain your regular exercise. You can get your body moving the day after you drink a lot of red wine so that the calorie can burn. Think about running, it can increase your metabolism in a way you can make your heart pumping. Either that way even you are taking a lot of wine; you will not keep asking yourself the same question again if – is red wine fattening?

Does avoiding red wine make you thinner? Well not essentially. That is now a different question. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then I am pretty sure that even you drink a lot of red wine every day as long you are doing your job to keep your body active; you can stay fit. Stay young and surround yourself with active people that will make your lifestyle happier.

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