Know your Red Wine Carb Count

Now that most people are conscious about their health, would you mind knowing the amount of carb you’re taking? But restricting yourself with low-carbs may risk you to various health problems. Take the red wine carb count. If you’re in a diet right now, you’ll most likely studying your carb content right? Let us say that you are craving for a glass of red wine right now. Wine is already a low-carb drink, but it doesn’t really mean that you don’t need to know the carb count of it. Well, it’s time to know more about the red wine carb count. Most people mistakenly think that red wine can be use for diet meal. Well it may be but it has limitations.

Wine is literally an unfermented sugar. Well, commonly this is not just about sugar. Remember that this is all started with a grape; a grape which has a sugar inside of it. The fermentation process goes like this, when the yeast was put on the grapes, the yeast will eat the carbohydrates it will automatically produce alcohol, CO2 which is bubbles and heat.

Some people would say that most of people like to take alcohol beverages every minute. But a research shows that we may abuse ourselves from drinking too much alcoholic beverages. Women should only take a drink per day and for men; they are advised to have two drinks or less. Mainly, if you would look back to our chemistry class; we can use the formula of 1.6 x percent of alcohol x oz of liquid to know the number of calories. For an instance, if you have a 4.5% of alcohol wine, then a 5 oz serving, it justifies 1.6 x 4.5% x 5 = 36 calories. That is an example of red wine carb count. Wine has few carbs, except that red wine has least amount of it. Our body often produces alcohol first then fat, carbohydrates and protein. This is the reason why we gain our weight and our metabolism to slow that causes the fat to slowly burn down.

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On the contrary, you have also lots of benefits in red wine not just carbs. That is why it is good to know more about your red wine carb count. While you are counting your carbs in every drink of wine, remember that this has a carbohydrate equivalent which means that these red wines can lower your blood sugar. And individuals that were diagnosed with diabetes were advised by their physician to take red wines as part of one of their remedies because by drinking it they consume carbs and it helps to lessen their blood sugar levels.

As most people know, the big bottled wine has the higher level of red wine carb count, while the lighter bottled wine has the lower count of carb. The authority will still be the one to know exactly what wine that may affect you. You have already known that red wine may lower your blood sugar for some diabetic person and some may raise your blood sugar. But all of these should be counted with responsibility, count your carbs with reason. Enjoy your wine with sensibility.

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