Light Bodied Red Wine

Red wines differ in flavor, intensity and depth, thus making it harder and confusing to choose one. You may refer your option to the body type you want with your wine. Wine body is often one of the ways to use in analyzing different types of wine. Wine body is not about the shape, it is an analysis of what wine feels when it is inside your mouth.

Wine body has three categories. Red wines can be light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied. The difference between them can just be easily identified. Their taste can be compared like the taste of milk.

It is true that there are many elements that contribute in determining the wine’s body but the primary element will always be the alcohol. The main reason why it falls to be the main contributor in determining the wine’s body is because it is the responsible for the acquired viscosity of the wine. Alcohol is also responsible to the feeling of the wine inside the mouth. The more alcohol content, the more vicious the wine will become.

What does light-bodied red wine contain?

It has been said earlier that determining wine body is just making comparison with milk. So if a light-bodied wine will be compared with the milk, what should it be? Did you ever notice the fat contain of the milk you are drinking? Ok, since light-bodied wines has less alcohol content, it then can be compared with a milk with less fat, and that will be the skim milk. How it tastes will quite be similar on how you will feel when you sip a light-bodied red wine.

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A wine can be classified as light-bodied if its alcohol content will fall only in 12.5%. This wines are usually crisp and refreshing. Two of the most popular grape variety that is responsible for producing champagnes and wines with crisp dryness are the Beaujolais nouveau and Pinot noir. Pinot noir hovers only 12% of alcohol. This goes quite the same with the Beaujolais nouveau, the only difference is that this grape harvesting is earlier to acquire a lighter-bodied wine. This is intended for an earlier drinking.
Light-bodied wine can also be identified through its color. Usually, this type of wine has lighter reds when compared to other reds. This is because of the tannin structure it possesses. The lesser the tannin content, the lesser the presence of it on the palate. There are even cases when the red wines color became lighter, thus making more resemblance on whites than red.

This type of wine will be best for individuals who want to have a drink but don’t want to take great amount of alcohol. This is also less demanding when it comes to the intensity of food it will be paired. You can drink it while eating your favorite food.

Some may even be fruity and is meant for an immediate consumption. Some may even have refreshing aromas and tropical flavors.

Light-bodied red wine might be real good, but always take note that however little the alcohol of it, still it is an alcohol so don’t treat it as if it was just some sort of beverage.

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