Moscato Wine

Moscato wine is considered as made from the Muscat variety of grapes. This kind of grape is typically used for table raisins and grapes and also as wine. There could numbers of different Muscat grapes which grow all over the world. So from these different varieties, one could be among the oldest variety of domesticated grapes.

These Muscat grapes are considered as sweet and would have floral aroma therefore this aroma could be translated into Moscato wine having the same fragrance like perfume. This type of wine might be considered to have a lower contentment of alcohol compared to other wines commonly within five to eight ranges. And it is also considered as semi-sparkling wine together with a hint of fizziness. Moscato wine is a white wine most commonly a sweet or semi-sweet wine together with medium level of acidity. There could be different options in terms of this wine and so most of those are considered to be very fruity.

Moscato wine is considered to be growing more popular. This kind of wine is considered to be popular with those young adults having ages 21 to 34. One among the reason could be due to its fizzy and sweet quality. This wine is considered to be more appealing to those individuals that are used of drinking soda pop along with similar qualities. And another reason why it is popular with those young adults could be because of the inexpensive price of the wine. In addition, it could be popular due to the fact that all the attention could be from hip hop artists. Moscato is considered to be included into the lyrics of the rap songs and one of the hip hop groups named St. Lunatics have launched own label of this wine known as Freaky Muscato.

Moscato Wine: Three Major Styles

  • Sparkling Moscato d’Asti – considered as the most common and so made from Muscat Blanc. This could be found in Italy and so known as Moscato d’Asti. It is a sweet frizzante bubbly wine being noted due to its light alcohol level and higher aroma as well. This style is considered to be primarily produced together with white Must Blanc grapes.
  • Still Moscato – Moscatel or Muscat Blanc. This is commonly white in its color and utilizes Zibibbo grape of Muscat Blanc grape. The style is considered to be less in common but some of the examples are being made in order to dry completely reaching the alcohol levels close to 12% ABV.
  • Dessert Moscato – This is being made with Moscatel. The said style is considered as from the Southern Spain, South of France, US and Australia. The said wine is typically made together with Moscatel grapes or Orange Muscat and might have thick oily texture together with a tawny color. Oak aging is considered as common as well.
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Moscato Wine Brands

Here are some among the different options of Moscato wine that you could try out:

  • Moscato Wine BrandsPiemonte Moscato Pelassa – This is among the best ones that you could try and so sold in a very affordable price. It is popular due to its fizzante sparkle together with its flavor of orange and apple. This could be one of the greatest summer wines that you could try.
  • Barefoot Moscato – This would have nice taste of fruits and so suitable during summer. This is also one among the most bought Moscato wines wherein it is very affordable. There could also be pink Moscato that you could try.
  • Primo Amore Moscato – This is being retailed within affordable price and so being admired by almost numbers of wine drinkers out there. This is as well considered to be a good beginner for Moscato wine. It will not provide any aftertaste compared to other Moscatos.
  • 2011 Quady Electra Moscato – Orange Muscat – Sold affordable in price and considered as nice quintessential dessert wine because it is refreshing, light, yummy and fruity.
  • 2010 Cupcake Moscato D’Asti – This could provide clean taste and nice crisp that could be bought within affordable price.

How to Make a Moscato Wine

Moscato wine is considered to be enjoyed as dessert wine so it would be enjoying if you are to try making it. The process of making Moscato wine might not be that easy but following certain procedures could be of great help. There are certain things that you would actually need including yeast, cork, bottles and also large sealed tanks intended for fermentation. And the steps of making Moscato wine could be the following:

  • Harvest first the grapes. Once in Italy, this could be during early in September. There is a need to have the proper grape in order to come up with the best Moscato. This is among the oldest grape varietals in the whole world and might have numbers of sub-varieties. The family grapes of Moscato are being characterized through the orange bloom nose and also intense grape aroma.
  • Press the grapes and then filter it. Freshness is the key for Moscato wines so there is a need to press the grapes once they are picked. In order to halt premature fermentation, you could store the resulting must within near freezing temperature and then vinify it in batches once there is really a need for it.
  • Vinify could be a process that might take for almost a month into an autoclave or in sealed tank being kept within 15 degrees C. Warm now the must and then inoculate it together with yeast within large sealed tanks in order to start the process of fermentation. The tanks are needed in order to preserve the CO2 therefore fizziness will be formed during the process of vinification. Once the residual sugar level as well as the alcohol content is reached stop the process of fermentation rapidly through chilling the wine. Then, filter the yeast out and bottle and cork the wine. This could take place during January or once needed. Since you are making Moscato, which is a bit less effervescent compared to spumante wines, you must use regular cork than a wired-down one.
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Those are the most common steps once on the process of making a Moscato wine. And if in case you are looking for the best Moscato wine, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant might provide you with the best options ever including the most admired Moscato wine in blue bottle. And also Moscato wine Olive Garden will only provide which best suits your taste.

Moscato Wine Calories

The typical Moscato wine which is generally identified as white wine would contain over 120 calories every 5-ounce every serving based on the US Department of Agriculture. The said calories could be from the alcohol as well as the carbohydrates into the wine. Most Moscato wine could be light golden or pale yellow, there are as well red as well as rose-hued that are available. These could be more fortified and sweeter therefore would offer higher calories. Moscato wines could also be observed to be served during paired and chilled together with fruit, light dessert or mild cheeses, they could be considered to have lower calorie level compared with other wines that are sweet. Based from USDA, those average wines for dessert could contain twice calories every ounce like the average Moscato.

Moscato wine could be considered as among the best wines that could be enjoyed by numbers of great individuals who love drinking wine. From the numbers of brands of Moscato wine you could surely have the sip of the best dessert wine and enjoy the moment.

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