Mulled Wine Recipes for Winter Season and Their Alternatives

Wine is considered one among the best beverages being admired by almost everyone. And there are increasing numbers of types of wines including the mulled wine. This type of beverage is considered as made of red wine together with different mulling spices as well as raisins. It could be served either hot or warm and also could be alcoholic or not. Mulled wine is considered as traditional drink during the winter season particularly once Halloween or Christmas. The traditional choices for this kind of wine could be the port and claret wherein they are combined oftentimes.

And making mulled wine could as well be very easy. There are steps that must be followed in order to come up with the best mulled wine recipe. If you are to consider delicious concoction of spices and fruits there will be an assurance of making a perfect wine drink during festive period. It could be served warm and might take the chill out of the winter season. There is only a need for you to have the needed ingredients as you are to proceed with mulling of wine. The ingredients must be ready prior to starting the steps. And for simple mulled recipe wine steps, consider the following:

  • Orange could be of great option. Prepare it and take the whole of it. Push the cloves into the orange, sharp end first. The cloves must be spread evenly into the whole orange.
  • Then, mix the given ingredients. The orange that is clove-studded must be placed in the saucepan as well as the orange segments, ginger, lemon quarter, sultanas and the cinnamon. Then pour the wine.
  • Now, you must heat the wine through placing the saucepan within average heat. Then add the sugar into the wine. Stir it properly with the use of spoon. Leave the said wine for it to warm but just under simmer wherein you might see some bubbles as well as a little of rising steam. Then stir it again well. For twenty minutes, allow the flavors to infuse. And after that, remove the wine from heat.
  • Finally, you can serve the wine. With the use of the spoon, place all of the fruit, ginger, sultanas and cinnamon in the punch bowl carefully. Then pour the wine into the bowl with fruit and other ingredients. Before you serve it, allow it first to cool a bit. And once it is ready to serve, ladle the wine in the mulled wine glasses.

Those are the simple steps that you could follow once planning to make the best mulled wine recipe. And also as a reminder, do not let the wine to boil or else the alcohol will surely evaporate. And there is a need to use glasses like mulled wine glasses that are capable of withstanding the hot liquid. Some among the important things you will need aside from the wine and the ingredients would include punch bowl, ladle, medium saucepan, sturdy glasses and spoon. Make sure to be guided with proper ways on how to come up with the best mulled wine particularly during winter.

Tips on Mulling Wine

Though you might think that mulling of wine could be very easy still there are numbers of things that might cause for the process to fail. There might be numbers of instances wherein you might have not followed the right step and so the result could be disgusting. And with that, consider some of the tips that might help you in creating the best mulled wine:

  • Consider finding a failsafe method or technique. Being a beginner, you could start with classic recipe. One among the most favorite techniques could be through placing all the spices inside the pan having the liquid and within heat on low for almost ten to fifteen minutes. Then the next thing to do is to take the pan from the heat and so leave the flavours in order to infuse for almost thirty minutes prior to reheating in order to serve. There must be an avoidance of boiling the mixture for it might burn off the alcohol at the same time affecting the flavor as well.
  • Try spicing up your life. Some among the most traditional mulled wine spices are the star anise, cinnamons, cloves as well as nutmeg but you can as well try to add allspice, bay leaves, cardamom, ginger or vanilla pods based on the wine that you are to mule. These spices must be used sparingly especially the cloves and the star anise for they might be too strong in flavor once left into stew longer. And also, a touch of citrus could complement the warm spices. Lemon and orange might not let you down but clementine, tangerine and mandarin might add an extra festive kick.
  • Once doing a mulled wine on Christmas, you could choose liquor with low in alcohol in order to avoid incapacitating guests completely. Curacao or Grand Mainer and Cointreau might best work with orange mulling mixes or you could try having a touch of sloe gin in order to bring out those berry flavours into the wine. It is also important that you avoid those that might curdle, cloying and spirits that are strongly contrasting.
  • You could as well sweeten things up. You could lighten up the wintery spices together with a sweetening agent. At the beginning of the recipe, you could already add sugar in order for it to be dissolved already. Stir it always up until it disappeared. Most of the recipes are utilizing granulated or caster sugar because of their fine texture. You still have the chance to add extra sweetness if you want to but always make sure of stirring it always. Once going into freestyle, flavoured or honey syrup could be added in order to make it taste excellent, but again provide a good stir always.
  • You could also try to make your own spice bag. Try filling it out with unground spice like cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger slices and also nutmeg. Through this, you could not end up with a floater.
  • There might be numbers of drinks that could fit with mulling beyond red wine. Cider might work well but there is a need for you to the sweet fizzy ones rather try getting French dry cider. The spices must also be altered accordingly through mixing the pear or apple juice vanilla, fresh cranberries and also slices of apple. Though it could be enjoyed chilled and crisp, white wine might also be mulled. You could have it with light flavors such as rosemary, thyme, vanilla and elderflower cordial. And there is a need to fit the bill for mulled apple juice together with mild spices as well as orange.
  • And in order to avoid last minute mulling risks, try keeping a pre-made bottle of spiced syrup into the cupboard. You could try combining water and sugar together with spices of the choice and then simmer it within twenty minutes. As soon as it cools, strain it by a fine sieve and then pour it into a sterilized bottle.
  • In terms of serving, consider the use of mulled wine glasses and a big no to fragile glass. Glasses for mulled wine might be sturdy and could have a handle. You could have it garnished with whole sticks of cinnamon and also pared orange as well as lemon peel. You as well have an option of adding a wedge of a citrus being studded with cloves but it could as well be best if you are to make a fresh slice out of the pan.
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Those are among the tips that you could consider once you are on the process of mulling wine. If you are to follow the above given tips as your guide, there might be an assurance that you could lead to the best or perfect mulled wine to enjoy during winter especially during Christmas. Be guided with the above mentioned tips and sip the best mulled wine ever.

Benefits of Mulled Wine

Benefits of Mulled Wine

In connection, mulled wine is as well offering numbers of great benefits making it as the reasons why many are enjoying having a sip of this kind of wine. Red wine once consumed regularly particularly during winter could be of great help in being away from or prevents heart diseases. There are numbers of studies that revealed about resveratrol which is a miracle antioxidant that inhibits spread cancer cells. If you are to drink reasonable quantity like with a medicine, red mulled wine will increase the value of good cholesterol as well as prevent the formation of wicked known to be great for normal digestion. And in addition, mulled wine could also provide you great feeling and happiness as you could be relaxed while or after drinking it.

There are still numbers of benefits that mulled wine could offer making it as some among the reasons why many are craving for the delicious and mouth-savouring mulled wine. Aside from its great qualities, mulled wine as well could offer benefits to everyone consuming it. And if you want to experience benefits like those that are being discussed above try mulled wine now.

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Jamie Oliver for Best Mulled Wine Recipe

And for the best mulled wine Jamie Oliver might provide you great lists of recipes. But who is Jamie Oliver? Well, this man is considered as a phenomenon when it comes to the world of food. Jamie is considered as one among the best personalities in the world and famous exports of Britain as well. He becomes popular due to numbers of his shows as well his capacity to share his ideas with other. And in connection with mulled wine Jamie Oliver has numbers of great recipes that will really change your view about mulled wine. One among his recipes is the one he used to do for Christmas of 2013.

The recipe is just simple to make and will really tastes so good. And for the method of his recipe, consider the following:

  • Peel large sections of peel coming from clementines, lime and lemon with the use of speed peeler. The sugar could be put into a large saucepan within medium heat and then add the peel pieces and then squeeze into the juice of clementine. You could as well include some other mulled wine spices based on your choice or preference.
  • Add now the cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon stick and a nutmeg as well. Throw into the vanilla pod and then stir it in just enough red wine in order to cover the sugar.
  • Let it simmer up until the sugar would completely dissolved in the red wine then bring it into the boil. Keep it into rolling boil for almost four to five minutes or also until you might have beautiful and thick syrup. This is being done in order to create wonderful flavor base through getting the sugar as well as the spices in order to blend and infuse well together with the wine. There is of great importance that syrup base must be created first since it must be quite hot and once you are to do this into bottles of wine you might burn off the alcohol.
  • Once the syrup is ready, it is time to turn the heat down and then add the star anise as well as the rest of the red wine. You could gently heat the wine for almost five minutes once it’s delicious and warm try to ladle it into the glasses and finally serve it.
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Those are the steps that are being provided by Jamie Oliver through his mulled wine recipe for Christmas. You might be amazed with the result of the mulled wine and surely you would always want to try a delightful sip of the said wine.

Imagine yourself sitting and being relaxed together with a glass of mulled wine during winter season. If you want to achieve that then better be equipped with ideas about mulling wine. You might be guided with the idea given above or you could try doing things on your won. You must always make sure that mulled wine ingredients are always ready in order for you to make your best and perfect mulled wine this winter.

Top Best Mulled Drinks

During winter, a glass of something that is spicy may it be sot or boozy might surely get you into the mood during the winter season. You just need to add something that might be a roaring fire. Here are some among the best mulled drinks that you could try during the winter as an alternative for mulled wine:

  • Belvoir Winter Punch – this is considered as a delicious and non-alcoholic alternative with mulled wine. It might have classic Christmas flavours of both spice and nutmeg in abundance.
  • Lyme Bay Mulled Scrumpy Cider – cider lovers will surely love this one which is considered as little less heady and lighter compared with mulled wine.
  • Gluhwein – this could be of great treat during colder days. This is a mulled german drink that is traditionally served together with iced ginger biscuits.
  • Copella Winter Warmer Apple Juice – Copella has twisted its classic cloudy apple juice through blending it together with cloves, cassia, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay and also juniper berries.
  • M&S Mulled Rum Punch – this is a warming Spanish red wine that is being blended together with rum and spices. It would be perfect for anyone that would need warming a bit something during night winter.
  • Rekorderlig Winter Cider – this is a cider that is being made with cinnamon and vanilla infused apples that are very sweet. This is as well considered as flexible tipple which can be served over ice or might be gently heated then served together with a slice of orange.
  • Waitrose Mulled Wine – this could be perfect for traditionalists. This is a medium-bodied red wine following the common recipe being flavoured with orange, cloves, cinnamon and lemon.
  • Mulled Spice Tea – fruit, herbal and flower – this is considered as a tea for almost everything today but it might worthy if you are to give up the usual cuppa for a mug of this tea.
  • Waitrose Mulled Juice – this could be of great alternative for mulled wine which is a subtly spice fruit juice. This could be perfect after having a brisk walk during weekend.
  • Crabbies Mulled Ginger Wine – this is a ginger mulled wine might be perfect for those that are looking for something a bit more fiery.

If in case you couldn’t make it up with red mulled wine during winter season, the above mentioned drinks are considered as great alternatives. With those given mulled drinks, you could as well experience the bit similarity with what mulled wine could offer. In addition, with those mulled drinks you will have wider options on which to choose during winter or cooler days. Still, do not forget the fact that mulled wine could be the best among your options if you want something to drink during the season wherein colder days would prevail.

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