Pepperjack Shiraz

Pepper jack Shiraz has been established under W. Salter and son in 1859, and remains to be a tribute to the excellent heritage and quality of the Barossa. It was noted to be one of the great regions of Australia for producing truly iconic and exemplary red wines. The Pepperjack range has been a tribute to the rich heritage of Barossa. Today, its winery remains honest and rich in character, having a slightly modern style of winemaking and contemporary approach under the Winemaker, Richard Mattner’s guidance, in order to create a collection of wines, which will reflect the passion of this great place.

The Pepperjack wines are reflecting our passion for the special region, built around Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. These wine styles are full of character and rich in flavor, just like the best out of Barossa. Richard Mattner’s passion for Shiraz for being a stalwart of the Barossa is his dedication and primary focus for the Pepperjack, while the Cabernet Sauvignon is providing the perfect platform, reflecting the velvety and rich style that this variation is producing in the Barossa.

Pepperjack Shiraz Brand Essence

The brand essence of this wine is one of the rugged sophistication; a rich and unique wine, yet casual and unpretentious. Pepperjack is offering confidence and consistency for red wine lovers, which makes it a respected brand and as gifts, food accompaniments, and casual drinking. It is a rich and bold Barossa red with that has backbone to stand up to a nice steak. Red wine drinkers really love this mixture. Just like with different cuts, wine also has different texture, appeal, and flavors. This has led Richard Mattner and the head chef of the Salter’s restaurant in the great place of Satram, Scott Liddell, in experimenting with various steaks so as to make two wines that will suit perfectly to the characters of a porterhouse or a scotch fillet.

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The Great Winemaker of the Great Pepper Jack Shiraz

The Great Winemaker of the Great Pepper Jack Shiraz

As bred and born in the Barossa Valley, Richard Mattner has grown up at Light Pass. Light Pass is a small hamlet, which is only a Valley away from the site of Saltram winery. He attended school at the Tanunda Primary at the heart of Barossa, and then he attended the local Nuriootpa High School. Richard Mattner had the place pumping through his veins. As he grew up in the Barossa valley, Richard has never been far from wine. The vineyard of his grandfather at the Light Pass district, which is highly regarded, was his playground during the Christmas holiday season. He helps in riding the old Bedford truck and picking grapes, which to be delivered to the winery, by any chance he can get.

He was destined to be a great winemaker and by 2004, he graduated with winemaking degree from the Charles Sturt University. Furthermore, in 2007, Richard has commenced to work at Saltram and Pepperjack wineries. Richard has a passion in Barossa Shiraz, thereby, his main focus for Pepperjack. TO him, winemaking is an art and it is just another way to express him. He said that it is something that he really loves doing.

Grape Variety

Shiraz is the given name to the dark-skinned grape that grows in Australia. Even though identical genetically, the artistic differences between Syrah and Shiraz are that they are evident enough to be considered distinct assortments. Shiraz is very essential to Australian viticulture, which is the grape variety most planted in most Australian vineyards and became synonymous virtually with the wine regions of the country, specifically the Barossa Valley. The root word of Shiraz comes in the New World, even though there is no story about how it was named as this. Shiraz winemaking’s prevailing style has reflected its New World roots, which tends toward fruit bright flavors, most often blackcurrants, black cherries, and blueberries. The secondary notes of chocolate are lending themselves well to this wine’s full-bodied texture, usually accented by spicy and pepper inflections.

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During 1990s as well as early 2000s, many Australian Shiraz has been characterized by very ripe and highly extracted wines, in which, for better or for worse, has caught the attention of many wine critics all throughout the world. One Australian application of Shiraz, which is very unique, is blending it with the Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an unheard Old World Tradition before, but the Pepperjack Shiraz Cabernet blend became very famous that it is now representing a sizable proportion of the Australian blend of red wines. The name Shiraz has been largely recognized and highly marketable that it has been used in labeling Pepperjack wines in other countries aside from Australia.

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