Pinot Gris – Delicious and Sweet Wine

Pinot grape is something like a chameleon not just because of the variety of colors available. Pinot Gris is a mutation of Pinot Noir grape which can be found from the different parts of the world as well as in various expressions, from dry to sweet and from crisp to velvety.

There are some consumers, who are already familiar with this however they usually call it as Pinot Grigio, a type of wine that is sometimes an easy-drinking white originated from North-eastern Italy. In Italy, it is wine that can be perfectly paired with various types of foods and anything that came from the sea. It shows up its crisp, brisk acidity, sweet fruit flavour as well as quaffable personality. On the other hand, in other corners of the world like in Alsace, France, this Pinot Gris is shaking off its light heart and it dons shroud of spice and structure.

If you want to purchase and taste Pinot Gris, make sure that you know everything about the wine that you wish to buy. You should know everything since every style opens wider variety of food pairing ideas as well as roadblocks.

Pinot Gris Wine

Pinot Gris WineThis is a white-wine grape that is originated from the vineyard of Burgundy, however this is now found in various wine regions of the world. If the wine has been produced pale, its light style has been popularized in Italy, late 20th century. The variety and the wines have been recognized as Pinot Grigio, an Italian name.

Pinot Gris is considered as one of the more popular members of the extended family of Pinot grape varieties. It is also recognized as the Pinot Noir’s pink-skinned mutation. These two varieties of grapes are very distinguishable especially in the vineyard until veraison. This is the time when Pinot Gris berries take on its distinctive wide array of colours like orange-pink to pale and dusty purple. Its adjective word “gris” is the French term for “gray” wherein it means dusty, light-gray shine the grapes that sometimes takes on. Though this term or explanation is a little bit confusing particularly on the English speakers however this settlement is now used in the different parts of Europe, including German, Italian, Czech and Slovenian.

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There are instances that this is being used as one of the blending components but usually, Pinot Gris is produced as varietal wine. The aromas and flavours of Pinot Gris wine varies greatly on the region and style however, it usually features apples, pears, sweet spices, stone fruit as well as hint of smoke and wet wool. Some winemakers avoid the obvious oak character of their Pinot Gris however there are some that makes use of older barrels, wherein it leaves less amount of oak flavour in their wine, on the fermentation process. In producing weightier wine, the winemakers usually makes use of Pinot Gris’ more complex styles, partial malolactic fermentation and lees contact. The sweet late-harvest is also a common version wine.

Mostly, the Pinot Gris grapes do not contain too much acid but it is rich in sugars, and so, such kind of wines has been originated from the world’s cooler viticultural regions. The wines which have been originated from warmer climates lacks structure and acidity and this can be haughtily alcoholic. The Europe’s wine samples have been originated from the vineyards of either side of Rhine River, from Pfalz and Baden of Germany and Alsace, France. The Pinot Gris Alsace or any wine that came from these regions is usually made through the use of varied sweetness levels, like bone dry to tastily sweet. One of the sweetest and intensely flavoured wines on earth is the Pinot Gris Selection de Grains Nobles originated from Alsace. The sweetness and intense flavour of Pinot Gris Alsace is very incomparable.

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  • Mouth – Pinot Gris is a type of noble wine which provides great substance, admirable and lively roundness, which tends towards slightly sweeter opulence however this is always underpinned with delightful freshness. It contains balanced intensity which then makes it very much attractive.
  • Nose – Pinot Gris is generally produced less intense but with captivating aromatic complexity. It also sometimes develops different smoky notes: burnt vine shoots, moss, mushrooms, forest floor aromas, apricot, dried fruits, beeswax, honey and gingerbread. With its inherent discretion, this grape variety benefits from pouring and then served after few minutes. Through this, the complexity of the wine will be greatly appreciated by the wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts.

Pinot Gris Food Pairing

When it comes to Pinot Gris food pairing, you will surely be surprised with the result. This type of wine has its great personality that can be perfectly matched with various types of dishes. You can pair this with the highly flavoured dishes. Pinot Gris is also the Alsace white wine, which can be successfully accompany even the dishes, which are only paired with red wines.

Veal, game, poultry and pork, particularly if served with rich flavoured sauces, kidneys, roasts, risotto, mushrooms, polenta and others can result into an ideal and great autumn pairing wine. This is even the perfect match to Alsace’s regional potato and pork speciality, Baeckeoffe. The reason behind this is because of the wine’s balanced crisp freshness and richness. This truly tastes delicious most especially if combined with sweet and sour flavours.

Due to its great taste when paired with various food dishes, there are several recipes made. Some of these recipes are as follows:

  • Chicken with Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris – Chicken is the perfect meat that you can pair up with Pinot Gris. Chicken is definitely a great choice since it has soft flavour and great texture. it is also very light on palate and if this will be marinated with white wine or lemon, this will result into a remarkable pairing. A lighter cream-based lemon and sauce can also be made into a very ideal summer meal together with crisp white. People can make lots of recipes out of chicken, Pinot Gris and other seasonings and spices.
  • Pinot Gris and Cheese – Keep thinking of mild and soft. The cow’s milk is as mild as what you can get. This will help you in bringing out some sweet flavours in Pinot Gris. Another set up is the sheep milk. The sheep’s milk helps in accentuating more earthy as well as mineral tones of Pinot.
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Pinot Gris also pair perfectly with raw fish, fresh vegetables, and other lighter meals. Shellfish and fish are the best and classic pairing with this Pinot Gris. For meat pairings, you can perfectly create delicious recipes through scallops, perch, sole, trout, redfish, oysters, mussels, snapper, chicken, turkey and other poultry. Also, for vegetables and vegetarian fare, you can use white wine and well-spiced greens, braised, salads and fresh vegetables. You can make use of shallot, ginger and garlic as the flavour base. Yellow squash, cucumber, celery, parsnip, onion, kale, jicama, green apple, broccoli, cauliflower and white beans can also be used if you want to make delicious recipes out of vegetables and Pinot Gris. Pinot Gris can also be paired with various herbs and spices like mint, parsley, chives fennel, thyme, and spices that include white pepper, saffron, turmeric, clove, ginger and allspice.

There are lots of delicious foods that you can pair with Pinot Gris. You will surely love how it improves the taste and the flavour of your recipe. Wines like Pinot Gris will surely make your meal great and truly satisfying. Once you taste its sweetness, you can no longer leave your life without having this wine at your hand.

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