Red wine and headaches

Time to time, there are lots of red wine drinkers who suffer from headaches. As matter of fact, experiencing such things seems to be very common. Thus, it is normally mentioned to as a Red wine headache or RWH. These headaches are mainly caused by overconsumption of red wine which probably means that the alcohol content itself, is not only the sole reason behind it. Well, knowing that thing doesn’t mean that the red wine has no potential of providing some benefits after all. Red wine can also provide some important benefits for the health, and you can find in there some calories and nutrition as well. However, the fact that it can also give you some sort of headache upon drinking it seems to be inevitable. To sum up with, Red wine and headache really complements each other.

Why drinking red wine causes Headaches?

For most of the people who experience some sort of headaches after drinking red wine, it really appears that red wine and headaches are absolute complements. However, one big question that might be running around with red wine drinkers is how they get the headaches upon drinking it. Basically, there are really two potential suspects for experiencing headaches when drinking red wine and these two includes the Tyramine and Histamines. These two probable reasons are compounds that are present on red wines out there.

One of the simplest medical explanations on experiencing headaches when drinking Red wine really focuses on the Tyramine and Histamine. Histamine is capable to dilate blood vessels as well as ringing on the inflammatory and flushing sensation. On the other hand, the Tyramine has also the same capability. Moreover, it is also responsible for the initial dilating and constricting of the blood vessels that probably cause blood pressure to slightly rise simply enough for inducing headache. That’s simply how it goes and why red wine and headaches seems to be partner. That’s due to Tyramine and Histamine content.

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The Tyramine and Histamine are simply the fermentation by-products. Of these two main reasons for Red wine headaches, the Histamine is considered to be the more responsible. One reason for Histamine to be considered as the one that bear responsibility to the headache that a red wine can give is that, its content within the red wine is very much stronger as compared with the champagne or the white wine. People that most often suffer from headaches from drinking red wine than others are expected to have enzyme deficiency and will allow them not to metabolize the Histamines no matter how they wanted to.

How to cure or prevent headache caused by drinking a Red wine?

Since red wine and headaches really appears to be complementary, there are still ways on how to cure or prevent it. You can prevent wine-caused headache by drinking at least a full of eight ounce water glass each glass of red wine. Water can be the best friend of yours since alcohol drinking can barely cause dehydration. Another thing that you can do is by taking some none-drowsy anti histamines right before drinking red wine. Try taking some ibuprofen, Vitamin B6 or aspirin before drinking red wine. Following such simple recommendations can help you prevent headache caused by drinking red wine.

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