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Selbach-Oster Riesling Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken 2011

If you have not fallen asleep easily because of trying hard to pronounce the name correctly, you must fear not because this wine will certainly revive you. Halbtrocken is German’s nod to half-dry wines while the Kabinett is a German word that has a literal meaning of a wine which is set aside in a cabinet. If you are an avid wine drinker then this one is right for you. For sure, you will be mesmerized once you smell its aroma and its sensational taste flow down your throat. Riesling kabinett halbtrocken might be the only wine that you would look for in your whole life once you take one sip of it.

What is riesling kabinett halbtrocken?

Halbtrocken is a half-dry wine that can’t have more than 18g/L of residual sugar and can only exceed up to 12 g/L amount of residual sugar if its acid level is just within 10g/L amount of the residual sugar. If ever you are already feeling sleepy then you’d better try not to fall asleep because this wine will definitely put you back into your right senses. It is very sensational and you would love its nose that has a mineral, flinty, salty seawater that notes with single bits of Vaseline and tempting dried herbs. The wine’s attack is also marginally sweet wherein you can taste plenty fruit flavors like lemon, citrus and ripe apple. Not only that, you wouldn’t want to miss half of your life by missing this rich, creamy and textured wine with a delicious and crunchy juicy fruit with an endless food pairing chances or possibilities right there on the west coast.

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Riesling is the fifth among the most famous wine grapes that are ever planted in Germany, and if you would want to know about the German wines, then you should start it by knowing this very iconic variety of grape. There’s more than what you expect to get from it; Riesling tastes like an apricot or peach with an awesome bolt of lime-like tartness. Aside from that, it is also incredibly aromatic, great honeysuckle and all jasmine which no one can ever resist. Drinking one bottle of wine form grapes that were grown on red or blue slate would certainly offer you a beautiful clarity of cloud nine. After just one sip, you will swear with all your heart that you can taste straight through all the fruit flavors down to the minerals at the wine’s very core.

What is riesling kabinett mosel?

Riesling kabinett mosel is riesling at its very best. It is where passion can be tasted with no doubt and hesitations. It is Germany’s pride that does not change according to the whims of fashion and demands in the marketplace or is made according to a certain recipe. Though this specific wine is deeply and exceptionally delicious, it does not seek to just seduce with its short-term exotic aroma that comes from an especially cultured yeast, ice-cold fermentations or even aromatic enzymes. This wine is of true character, with structure, one that displays its rich heritage, a wine that is deeply rooted into the slate rocks just like our old vines before which many are still on their very own vinifera roots.

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When the Riesling grapes stay on the vine for a much longer time that it can already be affected by botyrtis or a noble rot, then the wine that it will produce will taste like flavors of honey and ginger. If you are wondering if you can find much German Riesling kept or aged in oak barrels then you might be mistaken because the winemakers in Germany prefer to emphasize the grape’s freshness rather than to weight the grapes down with oaky hints of clove and vanilla. Riesling, just like any other grapes that are turned to wine, also has bottles that do taste amazing for 10, 20 or even 30 years after its vintage.

Riesling kabinett mosel is exhilaratingly very light and off-dry that came from the centermost heart of the Middle Mosel which is the home to this very noble grape. Many got drawn to this specific wine because of its brilliantly intense lemon balm, breezy and zest aroma and flavors that have been effectively concentrated by the newest naturally lower yields. Aside from that, some noble botrytis has given this mandarin fleshy and pulpy flavored wine with a more supple texture. The bracing acidity has also ensured all the residual sugar which is about 27g/L is renders as all dry as well as thirst quenching juts like a tonic water.

When we talk about wines, especially those wines that are highly in demand in spite of their expensive prices, Selbach-Oster Riesling Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken 2011 is one of them.Riesling kabinett halbtrocken is an off-dry wine that is so perfect for that Indian or Thai Dinner. Maybe this is one of the reasons behind the continuous cravings of most consumers, especially wine drinkers, because it can make any gathering or meals unforgettable. The place where it mostly comes from is in the Mosel Region wherein the slate soils do absorb all the sun’s heat and effectively releasing it back to the plant’s vines to help all its grapes to ripen. The river also in this region zigzags dramatically through the land areas which give an ample opportunity for the plant’s different exposures.

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One of the best things also that makes the Mosel region very ideal for Riesling is the slopes, which is a blessing in disguise because the grape fruits must be hand harvested so that the farmer or harvester may not feel any difficulty in getting them. amidst all the difficulties and challenges that the plant growers of Riesling do experience, all their efforts will be worth it because they are the ones who contribute to the production of wonderful Mosel Rieslings that has lots of acidity that is best to complement the flavors of slate, peach and fennel.

When we talk about wines, especially those wines that are highly in demand in spite of their expensive prices, Selbach-Oster Riesling Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken 2011 is one of them. Germany is one of the countries in the world that makes the best wines that no one can ever resist their great perfection that were perfected in the right course of time.

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