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Roscato wine is a gently fizzy, delicately sweet, irresistible red wine from the northern region of Lombardy in Italy. This wine was made from 3 native grapes varieties that grow in this great region for many centuries, the Lagrein, Croatina, and Teroldego. Roscato has made a wonderful drink to serve before meal, and it is food-friendly. This wine is combining a long held grape tradition of growing grape with the flair of the modern style and techniques of winemaking. The result is a wine of the enticing character that meets the surging demand for blend of sweet red perfectly, like the Roscato wine sweet red blends. With 7% low alcohol, and a touch of sparkle in balancing the sweetness flawlessly, Roscato is the ideal complement for the cuisine in the present days.

Wine Notes of Roscato wine olive garden

Roscato wine was ranked among the best 10 wines from the region regarding the number of prizes won, as it was awarded Gold in 2011 from San Francisco International Wine Competition, and they won Silver in the Critics Challenge Wine Competition. Furthermore, this wine is the most famous Lombardy wine and it is priced higher than the average IGT wine, which has been stable through the past year. The color of this wine is brilliant red like the ruby, and its bouquet has the intense aromas of wild ripe berries and blackberries. Roscato wine taste is frizzante, fresh, and lively with a lingering soft finish.

Roscato red wine drink review


Every variety is vinified and harvested separately, enabling the grapes to reach its perfect ripeness. Following the de-stemming, the juice is being kept on the skins for few days in a low temperature in order to extract the color and aromas of the fruit. When the wine has reached ABV of 5%, fermentation is being halted by refrigeration and the wine will be blended. A second natural fermentation in tank will create a delicate sparkle, which they usually use the term “frizzante”, in the wine. The second fermentation will be halted as the wine would reach an ABV of 7%, maintaining the ideal touch of the residual natural sugar.

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Region of Roscato wine sweet redRegion of Roscato wine sweet red

The “Provincia do Pavia IGT” is an IGT title that is used in the region of Lombardy in the northern Italy. Even though many IGT titles cryptic creatively, some are straightforward. The region where the great Roscato wine olive garden comes from covers Pavia Province. Pavia is the westernmost province of Lombardy, and bordering Piedmont. This is not a famed area for its wines, no matter if the western edge is being marked by the influence of two of the great wine rivers of Italy, the Tanaro and the Po. The northern half of the province has produced nearly no wine at all, and this is not just on the Po River’s southern part, but also, in an area that known as “Oltrepo Pavese”, where plantings of vine have reached densities of any importance. The only wines of the commercial significance in Pavia are those of the DOC, roughly covering the same viticulture area as IGT.

The distinctions between the Oltrepo Pavese and the IGT appellations are not obvious immediately, besides that, one is an IGT, and another is a DOC. The two titles are roughly covering the same area; they have both produced a large array of the styles of wine, from the same choices of grape varieties. The reason for the double up and the solution to this conundrum lies in the changes in local classifications of wine through the previous decade. These changes were accompanied generally by a tightening of the conditions of production, creating the necessity for an appellation so as to fill in the gaps. Roscato wines of the IGT can be anything from sweet red to Roscato wine olive garden, sparkling whites, and dry roses.

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Northern Italy provides spectacular backdrop for Roscato, a red with violet hue that has aromatic notes of red raspberry, cherry, and blackberry. A bright acidity and a touch of sweetness are underlying the appeal of this great wine. The traditional style of winemaking for this red fruit forward compliments regional soul and heart cuisine like calamari, cream sauces, bruschetta, spicier fare, pasta in red, and breaded cutlets. If you are looking for unique taste of red wine, especially if you are a wine lover, Roscato wine is highly recommended. Wine lovers delight in discovering the unique tastes from various regions across the globe. Roscato is can be one of the best choices that you can have, whether you want the touch of an olive garden or you want something sweet red for your drink before meal, or if you want to experience the sensation of a great taste wine.

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