Ruffino Chianti

In the year 1877, when cousins Leopoldo and Ilario Ruffino embraces their great passion for making wine by developing their own small winery in a town near Florence, specifically Pontassieve. But before they build their own winery, the region of Florence already had centuries of old custom of growing an excellent wine grapes. Despite of it, the two native of Tuscan namely Leopoldo and Ilario, still feel and believed that there are still greatness that are not yet revealed in Florence. Tuscany had also been accumulated with a very good fortune such as mineral laden soils; dry summers which can wine grape flavor, cooling effect of Mediterranean Sea and many sun-drenched and luscious hills.

Ruffino Chianti history

Furthermore, as the two cousins grew, the winery prospered. Leopoldo and Ilario honed their excellent expertise and later on, Ruffino become popular for their balanced and clean wines, embracing the motto “Here We Make Ideal Wine.” The status also of Ruffino family was also established firmly both internationally and nationally when its own Ruffino Chianti won the gold medal during the Milan Wine exhibition in the year 1881, and a consolation prize during the Nice Exhibition in 1884 and another one gold medal in Antwerp Exhibition in year 1885.

Because of its success, many people especially the rich people are intrigued including the Duke of Aosta. In fact, he even faced a very long journey just to taste the famous wine of Ruffino after knowing about the good things about such wine. The moment he tasted it, he was really amazed to the point that he even appointed the Ruffino winery of Leopoldo and Ilario as the authorized supplier of wines to the royal family in the Italy. Additionally, in the year 1927, Ruffino winery returned some of the honor given upon its world class wines by releasing or introducing its very first vintage wine of Riserva Ducale. Riserva Ducale was entitled after the Duke of Aosta as a sign of acknowledgement to his long and respected patronage to Tuscany just to experience the undeniably excellent and satisfying taste of wines manufactured by Ruffino winery.

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Ruffino Chianti reputation

Moreover, the outstanding reputation of the wines made by Ruffino winery continued to grow and spread, which later on gave an opportunity to Ruffino to begin exporting their own product wines to United States of America and also to other different countries around the world. In all honesty, the very first Chianti that was introduced to United States was the Ruffino Chianti. After the World War II, Ruffino winery purchased its very first Tuscan estates which are called as the Villa di Montemasso that is located in the region of Chianti Classico. After it, Ruffino still continued to finance in a new land for their grapes and also become one of the very first major wineries with their own estate vineyards in Italy’s top three most well-known regions that produce wines like Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Ruffino Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino.

Moreover, Ruffino winery has also established its own as the leading leader when it comes to Chianti. Because also of the excellent quality and consistency of the wines they produce, they became the worlds’ global ambassador in terms of Tuscan wines. Additionally, the following below are some of the best products of Ruffino winery.

Ruffino Chianti Superiore

This kind of Chianti Superiore produced by Ruffino winery is one of the best wine products in the world. In fact, more than half of the Italian restaurant that can be found in Tuscan were serving Chianti Superiore to their customers. Furthermore, this kind of wine is also subjected to a lot stricter requirements when it comes to producing it because it requires at least nine months which also includes three months in its bottle for it to achieve the best aroma and taste unlike to the other Chianti DOCG wine products that are only base-level.

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Additionally, this Chianti Superiore wine’s accurate Tuscan personality is reflected or shown in its bottle label which represents a well-known sculpture that were made by Verrocchio, a legendary Florentine artist. Chianti Superiore wine is has ruby red color, which also offers a very inviting characteristic of wild fruit and also has balance structure of soft tannins. Because of it, Chianti Superiore is the best pair to different wide selections of seasonal, fresh and simple Italian foods. However, it is really delicious when you pair it with Italian lasagna, sausage and also to an Italian-inspired medium-strength cheese and meatball sliders.

Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva (Riserva Ducale)

This fabled wine made by Ruffino has been one of their most expensive and best products since it’s first released during the year 1927. Riserva Ducale, is also crafted using a modern techniques used for making a wine to improve more the Italian traditional methods. Aside from that, Riserva Ducale is also widely recognized as the benchmark for making Chianti Classico Riserva.

Furthermore, this deep red and complex wine is also characterized by red berry and sweet cherry fruit noted with finely spiced hints of leather, tobacco, white pepper, cedar and a little combination of flint. Because also of its perfect balanced of taste, firm acidity, velvety tannins, figs and rosemary, you can keep it for so long. With it, you will definitely be more satisfied with your every sip of wine. Moreover, you can also enjoy it with your favorite Italian foods such as mushroom risotto, antipasti, prosciutto, chicken cacciatore and pasta Bolognese. But if you want, you can also pair it to other simple foods like roasted vegetables and grilled meals for you to experience a classic meal of Tuscan.

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Ruffino Chianti 2013Ruffino Chianti 2013

Obviously, one of the most famous wines in Italy is Ruffino Chianti because of its reputation and undeniably satisfying taste. Aside from that, it is also a lot cheaper and easy to drink compared to other wine that is why many Italian like it. Unlike also to the other wines made by Ruffino winery that has a dark shade, the Ruffino Chianti 2013 only has a light color of ruby red. Aside from that, it also has a simpler aroma of some dried herbs and cherry that can be really used for making wines and its palate is also pretty straightforward and thin. This Ruffino Chianti also has a flavor of some violets and black pepper and a sour taste of cherry.

Moreover, the wine is also normally referred as a decent food wine because of its high acidity, dry body that has low tannins and also because of its fruity scents of cherry. This wine sis also commonly associated with red sauce pasta and pizza. Aside also from different Italian foods that can also be associated to it, meatballs, tomato-based soups, chili, stews, burgers, roast, meatloaf and many more can also taste great with Ruffino Chianti.

Making even a single bottle of wine is really complicated. It needs enough knowledge and patience in order to produce the best wine that can be served to people. That is why Ruffino winery makes sure that every wine that they make can really satisfy any possible wine lover. So if you are one of the wine lovers around the world, you should really need to taste the wines made by Ruffino winery. Their wines are made of fresh ingredients and are also kept for a very long time to improve more its taste. With it, there is an assurance that you will definitely be satisfied and experience the taste of wine that you look for.

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