The Ever Great Tasting Malbec Wines – Things to Know About it

Many people love drinking wine because of its delightful taste. In the wine industry, many wine brands are being introduced to people. It is somehow because of the increasing production of grapes that is one of the main sources why wines are being created and served these days. The kinds of grapes like Malbec grapes are being made as tasty wines to be found in Cahors of Southwest France. But before you deeply understand why you are no experiencing of drinking a tasty wine like Malbec know more first about it.

What is Malbec?

A Malbec is a grape fruit variety with color of purple which is primarily used for making red wines. This is the kind of a grape which tend to have dark color and robust of tannins. It is also known as one of six grape types which are allowed to be blended in another kind of wine. The large plantation of Malbec grapes by French people are in South West France and further being celebrated as Argentine varietal wine. With an unconfirmed theory or claims for the name of Malbec, it is said to be named after a Hungarian peasant. This peasant is said to be the first person who have spread the grape variety all throughout France. But other proof determines that it was originally come from Burgundy.

Malbec grape is primarily a grape with thin – skin and needs sunlight and heat just to mature. This kind of grapes ripens during mid-seasons and may bring deep color and ample tannin as well as like a particular plum-like flavor component to simply add complexity to the claret blends. There are times especially in growing regions that these grapes are not trellised and being cultivated as the bush vines. There, it the grapes are sometimes kept into a relatively yield of 6 tons in every hectares. The results of the wine are very rich, darker and juicier.

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Malbec wines are red wines which are a great option for many people who love drinking wine. It has a ton of juicy flavor and its taste is undeniably one of the best among other wines out there. This wine becomes more popular as it is a great tasting wine to drink which is hard to find. It is true that it is quite hard to find these days because of the fact that the changing weather in France has affected the production of wines from Malbec grapes. The climate isn’t the same way back 100 years wherein the Malbec vines healthily grow in the field.

Characteristics of Malbec Wines

Malbec Wines has unique characteristics from the other red wines that makes it one of the in demand wines during these days. Here they are the characteristics of Malbec Wines:

  • Characteristics of Malbec WinesFruit Flavors – There are various fruit flavor that will be experienced when you drink Malbec Wines. These fruit flavors includes Blueberry, Raspberry, Black Cherry, Plum, Raspberry and Pomegranate. Each of these fruit juice flavors of Malbec is an amazing thing about this wine.
  • Aromas – If you think you have already tasted the best Aroma of a wine, you will surely want to try different Aromas of a Malbec wine. These aromas of Malbec wines include Black Pepper, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Molasses, Green Stem, Tobacco Black Pepper, Gravel and Leather.
  • Serving Temperature – Malbec wines are good tasting especially when it is served right with its desirable temperature of about 69 ºF. This must be slightly cool to experience it as one of the best.
  • Blending – In the place of Argentina, Malbec is being blended occasionally together with Bornado which is a regional red grape that comes originally from the country of Italy. But then, it is commonly blended to Right Bank Bordeaux together with a Merlot and of Petit Verdot.
  • Tannin and Acidity – when it comes to Malbec’s Tannin and acidity, it is only at its medium level.
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Facts to Know About Malbec

  • These days, Argentina is the leading country that has 75 percent of ALL Malbec acres in the whole world. It is also Argentina that has reinvigorated Malbec to become one of top 18 noble grapes. Now, Malbec grows in 7 different countries and they had continued the popularity of Malbec in the industry.
  • Malbec wine is also a deep colored grape of purple red that is closely opaque and quite similar to Mourvedre and Syrah. But Malbec wines often have bright color of magenta rim that makes it really look great.
  • Malbec grapes basically love high elevation. When they are in low elevation, you can expect that they may just struggle in producing the level of acidity that they have to create for a great tasting and for a long lasting quality of a wine. It is necessary for them to be on highly elevated too because high elevation enables them to grow and develop more acidity.
  • The bold and very rich flavor of Malbec wines enables wine tasters to believe on the use of oak to be employed. This is said to be unreal as a Malbec wine is raged for a longer time has to be spent. On the other hand, you will be suggested to spend amount over $24 FOR the “Reserva Argentine Malbec” and other more for a US Malbec.

Health Benefits of Drinking Malbec Wine

Drinking wine is not really bad at all. As soon as it is controlled, there can be no huge effect on the body of the person who will drink it. As a matter of fact, it has benefits that show reasons why drinking Malbec wine is great. These health benefits are the following:

  1. Oxidation serves as a chemical reaction which is responsible for transferring electrons coming from a substance to thee oxidizing agent. Basically, people who are drinking wine, particularly Malbec wine, allow neutralizing of the oxidants to his or her body.
  2. Another benefit of a Malbec wine is its capability to affect or fight different disorders including the capillary and the venous disorders which are treatable yet needs assistance of the doctors.
  3. Some of researchers found that there are benefits on the vascular system of the person who is drinking wines like Malbec however it will depend in their level of oligomeric proanthocyanidins to their red wine drinking.
  4. Other researches also shown that this may also prevent cardiovascular diseases through mitigating its negative effects of having high level of cholesterol both in blood vessel and on the outer part of the heart.
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These are health benefits of drinking Malbec wine and of course, of the other wines out there. Depending upon the Malbec wine brands you have chosen, you will also determine if you can surely get the health benefit you aim to have. But you can surely have these benefits are most of these brands might just able the same level of acidity that a wine like Malbec has to maintain.

These days, people are very much creative about wines. Aside from drinking, using it for cooking foods to achieve a desired taste and health benefit. These are how Malbec wine brands are used now. These are even more popular because of its easiness to serve and drink. However, if you want to drink the best Malbec wine taste, you have to learn on how to select the best tasting wine. Learn on how to taste a wine and be familiar with the type of grapes they have used in doing it. Take note that great tasting wines are rarely found so search for the best tasting Malbec wine patiently.

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