The Taste of Pinot Grigio

Would you believe that white wines are by-products of alcoholic fermentation coming from non-colored grape pulps having black or white skin? This is being treated for the maintenance of that yellow and transparent color of the final product. Its wide variety all rooted from its huge variation, residual sugar ratio as well as different method of making wines.

According to the history, white wines way back 2500 years ago. This went along on colonization and economic development of each country wherein their inhabitants are known to be wine drinkers. These include Oceania, America, Europe and some parts of Asia and Africa.

Pinot Grigio Wine

This is also known as Pinot Grit. It is one variety of grapes, which generates light but acidic kind of white wine. When it comes on the production, its largest producer is Italy, particularly Fruilli-Venezia Giulia and Lombardy. However, Pinot Grigio are also being grown and produced in Australia, France, California and Oregon. Basically, this is described as crispy, light and dry white wine with full of zippy acidity. Most of them are fruity and fresh. This can be interchanged with Pinot Gris. But, it can be helpful If you know that Pinot Gris simply pertains to the fruity style of French while Pinot Grigio pertains to the dry style of Italians.

Its Flavour Profile

The aroma coming from Pinot Grigio ranges from pear to apple, to lemon lime types or even stone fruit factors. It flavours may include from pear to melon. But there are times that smoky flavour or honey is also present. In terms of color, usually Pinot Grigio is pale and it looks like straw with golden hues. Its texture is also impressive since it is too smooth.

Typically, it has three types and these are as follows:

  • Dry and minerally Pinot Grigio – It is one of the most popular styles, which comes from northern Italy and crosses Alps near Italy all through Romania and Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. Mountains along the way are very good source of agriculture power which ensures that grapes maintain its high acidity. This type is the ideal ‘Pinot Grigio’ known for its simplicity, saline quality and ‘lack of fruit’.  Places, which have cooler climate, produce this type of white wine. This includes Romania, Austria, Lombardy and Veneto, Germany, Okanagan, Canada and Hungary. Thus, if you are planning to buy one, you should look for something that is produced right on the stainless steel tanks and should not have oak aging or the so-called malolactic fermentation. It should also have lower amount of alcohol approximately 10 to 12.5% ABV.
  • Dry and Fruity Pinot Gris – Most of the time, winemakers opt on choosing Pinot Gris to specify that fruity flavour driving this style. You can pick yellow apple, lemon and even white peach on all of the flavours that you can smell. This wide variety of fruits in its aroma simply says these kinds of wine are being grown on tropical climate countries. Aside from that fruity aroma, more oily texture can be felt as you drink it but less acidity. It is because winemakers place additional bacteria special next on alcohol fermentation, which eats those sharp acids and then remove those smooth acids. The process is known to be the Malolactic Fermentation wherein malic acid is too strong while the lactic acid is the oily yet smooth one. Countries that produce this style of wine are Chile, Argentina, Tuscany in Italy, California, Oregon, Washington, Australia and New Zealand. It is important that you take a look on its label proving that it is produced on the stainless steel tanks or on the neutral barrels. It should also age through lees. It must also undergo malolactic fermentation.
  • Sweet and Fruity Pinot Grigio – Most probably, Alsace, France is the only place in the whole wide world which, produce sweeter and quality style of Pinot Gris. For so many years, this place tried to remake the extraordinarily sweet and white wine known to be Tokaji. It is a popular wine of the kings of Transylvania as well as of the Ottoman empire. Actually, until 2007, the said place is been using the term “Tokay D Alsace” as labels on their bottles.
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Nowadays, Alsace is considered as the heart of producing sweet styles of the Pinot Gris worldwide. Through honeycomb, sweet lemon candy and honey crisp apple flavors, winemakers can apply special techniques so it can boost up mouth feel texture and utilize late harvest and at the same time, noble rot grapes. By doing so, you are maximizing the potential of the flavour.

Why not to check out also rose Pinot Grigio which is utilizing pale purple grape skins so it can stain this wine with pale copper hue. Its manufacturer usually macerates its juice on the skin. It is done for about 24 to 36 hours like what they do with rose. Furthermore, ramato wines could be availed in Fruili, Italy. They can provide nuances such as leather, white raspberry, sour cherry and many more, depending from the producer.

Pinot Grigio Calories

Pinot Grigio Calories

Wines are already part of every occasions and special events in our life. Along with such celebration are you, worrying about your calorie intake. Why? Each calories counts all of a sudden. Perhaps, there are particular foods you should not anymore.

And what about a drink with wine? About how many calories one take would when they drink wines particularly Pinot Grigio? According to the Department of Agriculture of US, you would take 122 calories every 5-ounce glass of Pinot Grigio wine. Good thing about it is that it is very low when it comes on saturated fat. But then, it has large amount of the calories coming from alcohol.

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In connection with this, you should know that each gram of the alcohol contains 7 calories. Well, that simply implies certain spirt approximately have 97 calories on every shot while Pinot Grigio calories reach 123 calories.

Popular Pinot Grigio Brands

If you are going to ask Pinot Grigio drinker about the wine, no doubt that he would describe it on numerous number of adjectives such as neutral, insipid, watery and many more. It only proves why this is one of the best-selling wines around the world. Usually, retailers can’t keep their promise to stuck this stuffs. The following are the most famous and sought-after Pinot Grigio brands globally:

  • IGT Delle Venezie, 2006 Alois Lageder RIFF – It has fantastic and lovely aroma of peachy stone fruit, which refreshes along with the good amount of palate and it is cleaned minerally.
  • IGT Venezia Giulia, 2007 Ruffino Lumina – This is another one top pick for this wine. It brims with ripe and youthful fruits such as apple, Apricots and some floral stuff. It is crisp through some of spicy details on its finish.
  • IGT Delle Venezia, 2007 Ecco Domani – It is evident that large brands still have the ability to deliver quality. Peachy, fresh flavors and aromas can be tasted in this wine. It has also lively, clean and light across its palate. It is really exceptional.
  • DOC Alto Adige, 2006 Santa Margarita – Dry, crispy and fruity is what you can describe with this one of a kind wine since it has appealing golden apple and citrus aroma.
  • Woodbridge Pinot Grigio, California 2007 – This is considered as one of the most fruit forward wine but then still it captures the heart of wine drinkers deliberately. Its intense aroma of apricot and peach on your nose as well as lively flavours of zesty citrus with kicking spicy finish. Simplicity yet perfectionism rule this out. It is the best for summer evenings.
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Why it remains popular?

This wine was been a staple for almost a decade right now. During 2012, according to the Nielsen reports, its sales drastically increase by 8.8% and been the second best-seller white wine right after the popular Chardonnay.

Are you wondering how it retained its popularity for over the years? First, its pronunciation is easy. This became the backslash of the Chardonnay since this is not that expensive, oaky and alcohol. It assembles more of a cocktail.

Among white wines, there’s an existing hierarchy. More individuals are willing to pay for something that is more dominant and popular. Whether it is fair or not, this is the reality. Other refers Pinot Grigio as a stereotypical patio pounder.

That is why, it can be concluded that it is one safe wine most particularly for ladies out there. It is also good for people who want to settle on a simple style.

Final thoughts

Just like any other white wines out there, Pinot Grigio has its own distinction why it is well-known and much preferable of some wine drinker. Let your taste bud judge its sweetness, affecting your entire consciousness. It can be compared to human, it is calm and relaxing yet there’s something that we shouldn’t give judgement right away. You, have you ever taste one on your entire existence? If not, then you are missing one of the tasty wine ever!

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