Valpolicella Ripasso

Valpolicella can be found in Italy. The district is known for its wine production. The wine having the same name as that of the province comes from grape varieties including Rondinella, Molinara and Corvina Veronese. Businesses involved in the district’s wine production offers wine styles varieties.

The basic wine of the district is described as light. Valpolicella ripasso classico were made from Valpolicella’s original production zone. It was basically made with the grapes squeezed and then fermented. On the other hand, the Valpolicella ripasso classico superior is aged for at least a year. This is the wine considered as the baby Amarone. While some might not be happy about its description, it is indeed true that the wine is between the basic Amaroone and Valpolicella wine. Its typical alcohol content is at least 12%. The Valpolicella ripasso is one of the forms of Valpolicella ripasso classico superior. However, it is made with slightly dried skin of grapes that has been left over from Amarone’s fermentation. The region has been creating and producing wines for a very long time already. In fact, they have started for at least the Ancient Greek’s time. At present, the economy of Valpolicella is centered on the production of wine.

What wines Valpolicella COD produces?

Most wines produced from the Valpolicella COD are usually red. They also contain Corvina, which is the most distinguished grape in the area. Aside from Corvina, they also use other grape including Corvinone, Negrara, Sangiovese, Rondinella, Molinara, Rossignola, Bigolona and Barbera. While some wine producers stick onto using the grape mentioned, some are still thinking and working on ways to revive Oseleta, which is an indigenous grape in Valpolicella. The wines also come from variety of styles including nouveau table, full bodied, sweet desser and sparkling spumante wines.

However, the most basic one is light boidies and are often served being slightly chilled. People love them for its flavor that is like that of the sour cherry. It shares similar characteristics with the Beaujolais wine as well. The typical Amarone and full bodied Recioto has the alcohol content of 15-16% while most of the Valpolicella wined have a moderate alcohol content of around 11%.

The Recioto dessert uses the Ancient Greek’s techniques in wine making. The name of the wine comes from a locale dialect, recie that means ears. It is quite associated with the name for it refers to the grape cluster’s extending lobes that look like a cluster topped with an ear. The ear’s exposed grapes are the one usually receiving most of the direct sunlight. That is why it becomes the cluster’s ripest grape.

Traditionally, the wine makers pick the ear separately from others in order to produce sweet and very rich in taste wines. At present, the method for Recioto making has evolved. They now include the whole cluster of grapes. Most of the grapes used for this wine are grown on hillside vineyards. Once they have been picked, they are placed on specialized drying rooms in order to concentrate all the sugar content of the grape.

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Why Valpolicella Ripasso has such name?

One of the proofs could be the number of people purchasing valpolicella ripasso 2012 and Valpolicella Ripasso bertani and then have given positive remarks about the said wines.During the late 20th century, ripasso meaning repassed, which is a style of wine has emerged. The technique for this wine involves adding the Amarone and Recioto’s fermentation seed and the grape skin leftover’r pomace to the Valpoplicella wine’s batch for a certain period of time in order to pave way for an extended maceration. These can help in boosting the alcohol content and the body of wine. Leaching additional phenolic compounds, glycerine and tannins contributes to the wine’s flavor, color and complexity.

The Ripasso wine styles have been prevalent in the industry and market of wines. Because of its popularity in the market, Amarone producers have also started producing Ripasso as their second wine.the very first Ripasso wine made available on the market was Masi. The wine was released during the early 1980’s. Even though it has become popular, people and makers rarely notes it on the label of the wine. There was even a time where there have been debates on whether it was permitted or not to be included in the regulations of DOC. Currently, the wine makers were permitted to freely use the term and people love them especially the valpolicella ripasso 2012.

The Valpolicella wines are tangy, fruity and bright. Some of them even has the aroma of blueberries. Red wines have a sour cherry flavor. People love it even it if is at a room temperature or slightly chilled. Thus, it is an ideal drink during the warm afternoons of summer.

The Valpolicella Ripasso gives off a different taste and aroma from any other wine. It tastes fruity and that makes it taste better. As the typical Valpolicella wines are leaning onto the lighter side and taste, the local winemakers of the Veneto’s viticultural zone have been exploring and using various techniques. They have put a lot of effort and time improving the complexity as well as the depth of their wine products.

After much exploring various techniques for centuries, they have discovered that the Ripasso and Passito methods were the most successful ones. The Passito was used min Reciot and Amarone while the Ripasso was used in making and producing Valpolicella Ripasso.

In creating Passito wines, the grapes are first dried out for at least week or in some cases, months before they undergo the fermentation process. During this time, the grape’s naturals flavor and sugar are concentrated in order to produce a deeper wine containing higher alcohol content. On the other hand, the Ripasso method includes re-fermenting process. The wine that has undergone this process appears to be deeper and has more character into it. It took some time before the style has been granted with its independent title in DOC back in 2007.

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The Valpolicella wine is one of the most famous red wines produced from the Veneto region located at the northeastern part of Italy. It is described as a wine having a tangy aroma of cherry and is very fragrant. In fact, some loves the smell of the said wine. You can see, smell and taste all of these qualities in the Ripasso wines especially in the Valpolicella Ripasso 2012.

The production of the Wines increased when it was granted with the DOC status. This lead changes in the wine’s quantity, quality and prices for the span of 40 years. Corvina was the finest among the three and it is the most traditional one as well. The said grape was the one used by wine makers in producing higher quality of the Ripasso wine. The Corvina produces more body that explains the huge difference in quality between the regular Valpolicella coming from plains and Valpolicella Ripasso Classico from the classic zone’s hills.

The red wine, Ripasso has lesser popularity compared to Amarone and Valpolicella. However, people especially wine lovers love purchasing the red even though it is not well-known. It also shares some of the features of both of the wines mentioned. One of the reasons for this one is the process it undergoes. It combines the fermented and regular Valpolicella with the cask containing the left over from the fermented Amarone wine. Thus, the lighter wine, which is the Valpolicella is combined with the remainders of the other wine. This creates an additional flavor, texture and color to the regular Valpolicella wine. The wine is called Ripasso for it means repassed. The reason for this one is because it undergoes second fermentation process. As the wine undergoes the second fermentation process, the alcohol content of the wine increases.

The finished product after all the said processes is the wine called Ripasso. The wine still contains the Valpolicella’s vibrancy. However, it is darker in color. Aside from being darker, it also become more flavorful, bigger and complex than the original ones. This is probably one of the main reasons why people are very fond in this kind of wine that even after years, people are still purchasing it. One of the proofs could be the number of people purchasing valpolicella ripasso 2012 and Valpolicella Ripasso bertani and then have given positive remarks about the said wines. In fact, looking for the perfect wine and the wine makers is easier since almost all information can be found online. Some of them even provide ratings.

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The wine goes well with other foods and that is what makes eating more satisfying. That is why you can see people serving this wine during parties and special occasions. Some of the foods that perfectly match the wine are red meats, cheese, stews and others. The wine choosen as the partner for the food can affect the mood of the person eating. However, with the Valpolicella Ripasso, it blends well with not just a single food but also a wide variety of foods.

People sometimes refer to Ripasso wines as bay Amarones. The reason for this one is that the Ripasso wine uses the same combination of varieties of grapes as that of the grapes used in producing Amarone. Another similarity shared by the two wines is that they both share the same profiles and aroma. However, they are still different from one another.

Another thing that is similar in the two wines is that the processes they undergo are similar but they are not identical. Amarone is made of grapes that are partially dried and then aged in a cask for at least 2 years before it is released. The dried grapes helped in increasing the wine’s alcohol content. They also share the same lightness, freshness, flavors and structures. As Amarone undergoes a longer process, the prices of these wines are also more expense as that of the Ripasso wine. Thus, the Ripasso wine is a better option for those wanted to enjoy drinking a great wine without spending a lot of money. The common price for the Ripasso wine ranges from $15-25.

The Valpolicella wines offers convenient and affordable alternative for the other wines. Moreover, it is still of high quality so people would not have any doubts about spending money on purchasing it. As it is less expensive, more people has been capable of buying it. They can enjoy drinking it as soon as they have purchased it or they can store it first and then consume it during special occasions.

A big producer of wine has registered Valpolivella Ripasso wine as a brand name preventing others from putting it on the label. However, they could still use the technique and that is why there are many wine makers continuously produce these kind of wine using the Ripasso technique.

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